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November 2017 Calendar

hello guys, here i am helping you to know about calendar and we provides some specification  .  finding and searching the events and festivals  with the help of calendar .
First question is arise what the computer and how it is work .Calendar is work to finding the years, month  weeks , days and dates . This is the right place to search and know about calendar. when we see the calendar , calendar always remembering the dates , days, weeks, months and years. calendar is a list of vacations, events, cultural festivals etc .  Its provide better searching for all these things related to year, months , weeks, days, dates , function , events . Easily search dates , days , weeks , month, and , year , festivals and events with help of we providing various templates for calendar.
Calendar most important thing in our life . Calendar are providing some things like days , dates, month  and year. so we find easily that things on a calendar . Calendar provides the easily searching of these things that generally we wants . calendars are generally use daily for seeing the dates ,days etc. calendar are providing the period of time and importance of time in our life. Every calendar have 7 days in a month . Every calendar have 12 month in a calendar. 

November 2017 Calendar 

November 2017 Calendar  : November is the eleven  month of the year .November is the starting month of winter. This weather of the month is cool .  This month have 30 days long . Total holidays in November 2017 is officially two holidays .  November 2017 Calendar show with purple color in this calendar .

November 2017 Calendar printable

November 2017 Calendar Printable :
First (1st)  November : First of November is Haryana Day is celebrate only Haryana state. And first of November is also celebrate Kannada Rajyosthsava  the observed in Bangalore only. First of November is the day of former . This day is related to manufacturer and agricultural . All competitor is held on Haryana Day in Haryana  . 29 states in our India Haryana is one of them including. It is the most economical religion in the south Asia. Haryana is the situated the bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh  to the north , and bordered by Rajasthan to the west and south. Haryana was situated by "First (1st)  November in 1996" , but the specific historical and cultural unit the existence of Haryana has been valid since ancient time . This state from indian society and human progress aadikal is hub . The existence of this condition of Manu was divine.
Haryana was have additional name  of the Brahmavrat and Brahmarshi and also the name of  "brahma utarvedi " . In vedic writing in the subject of  Haryana are mentioned  this was khudayion it is realized that the Indus valley human progress and improvment of mohanjoddan culture was right here .
 The place of birth of the universe etc. ,are also considered . It also recognized the starting points of origins humankind that he has condition of west view manu were king . Mahabharata-this is the thing that the kuruon Gala aryavanshi from hundreds of years on began agrarian time. As indicated by mythology he adirupa mother Saraswati 48 manhandling prolific domain made the principal cultivable. So that 48 of reviling the name of kuruon agro-lol Earth to Kurukshetra said that today is viewed as holy domain of Indian society.
 Acryl here completely adore the janmanav of Gan convention did.A complete annihilation of the village they call thai district.Locale's administration courses of action were chosen agents from all towns. Similarly, many district used to install a tandem "Gana. ' Gana ' takes the form of a streamlined was the political unit." Gansabha " sent by the establishment was finished by prefectures. It has additionally been seen that numerous staff were made a Union together ', which was known as Gana-Sangha. In many republics of the yaudhey span a huge ' Gana-Sangha ', which was made up from Ganga shatudru terrain on the State.
 As a result of strong ancient Haryana Gana-tradition people here always's and of course he took the imperial power bump who did their democratic system hastakshev. In Jan of 1857 insubordination was an image of the same confidence. November 1, 1966 in present day Haryana State appeare.
 Literaly kannada rajyotsava is celebrate to the birth of Karnataka state . First (1st) of November of every year . This day is official holiday listed as a government holiday in Karnataka state .Karnataka is the state of south india .Ancient  and medieval  history, the Karnataka district is a zone of numerous vast intense Empires.  before Karnataka this state was also called Mysore.Traditional music , and classical music ,dance is very popular . The culture of Karnataka is very famous . State capital Bangalore city, which India getting brisk financial and innovation is the main yogdankartta . Both types of Indian traditional music, carnatic music and Hindustani music got a vital commitment of this State . At the season of the clash of freedom in Karnataka solidarity battle has been run.

When independence in 1953 and Mysore State-ruled territories, including the production of Kannada with Mysore State was implicit 1956 and it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. Condition of Karnataka was built up November 1, 1956. Hence, Karnataka on November 1 day is commended every year. There was a little State ikkeri  (vednur ). That has a place with Karnataka.

Fourth (4th) November:
Fourth of November is Guru Nanak Birthday .We celebrate on this day Guru Nanak birthday  . Guru Nanak birthday is also known as Guru Prakash  Utsav and also known as Guru Nanak Jayanti .This is religious festivals of Sikhism. He is very commemoration of this day . We celebrate the first Sikh Guru Nanak Sahib  birth on Guru Purnima. Guru Nanak  birthday is the religion of Sikhism and we celebrate this day fulfill of happiness and joyful .Their birthday is known as Gurpurab and  Guru Nanak Jayanti  . This occasion for celebrate and prayer for Sikhism religion . Guru Nanak was born in 15 April 1469 in Rai- Bhai -Di Talwandi  in the present of Shehkupura  District of Pakistan , then now its in Nankan sahib .Guru Nanak birthday is celebrate on kartik month its the full moon day in the month of November . Before the guru Nanak birthday on the first days  fourty eight (48th) hours non stop reading Sikh script Guru Granth sahib thats called "Akhand Path" in Gurdwaras and even at homes  . Gurdwaras are decorate with flowers and light .  Before 2017 this day was held in Twenty fifth (25th) of November in 2015 and twelve (12) of november 2016. Sikh religion gives the first priority of guru Nanak Jayanti (gurpurab) occasions . 
The same date of celebrate Rasa Purnima  is observed only Oddisa state. Rasa purnima is also includes many names Deva Diwali , Diwali of the Gods and Tripuri purnima is on the day is Kartik purnima full moon night  . This day the lord desire to dance and adorns the white cloth at night  the cloths are  shine  like the very clear moon light. Rasa Purnima is also known as Kartik Purnima .

Twenty Third (23rd ) November:
Twenty third of November is the Thanksgiving Day. I'm telling a short motivational story . Once upon time a big  tree of apple in  a forest . A child comes daily for playing a game  with tree . He was drooping sometime branch of tree , he was  sometime plucks  the fruits and he was sometimes frisking in forest .  The tree of apple  was very  happy with him to play game . Many years tick past like this. suddenly one day the  child was go somewhere ,he didn't comes . The tree was await for them he was not come . The tree was very sad .
After some year the child was comes but he was few years old . The tree was  very happy  to see him again  and he ask for play with him . The child was say sorry i was not playing with you because i am young . I want to play with toys but i don't have rupees to but it. The tree say you fluck fuits and sold it . The child plucks the fruits and sold it then he bought some toys . Again the child was  never come to meet tree of apple .The tree was very upset, the tree was await for them he was not come .
Suddenly , After some years the child was back to meet the tree . The tree was very happy to him again then tree was again ask him to play with . the child was  say sorry  i'm not  kid,  i  was not  play with you because  i am so young . I want to home for my wife and my child . The say you pluck my branches it is very strong amd make you home for your family . The child disruptions the branches and make the house with help of branches . suddenly one day the  child was go somewhere ,he didn't comes . The tree was await for them he was not come . The tree was very upset .                                                                                                                                                                                 After some year the child was comes but he is  old .  The tree was  very happy  to see him  again and he ask for play with him . The child was say sorry i was not playing with you because i am not young i am very old . The tree was say i am sorry i could not help you because i don't have something thats giving for you , i am helpless i don't have branches and fruits for giving you  . The child was say i don't want something i want to live with peaceful place . The tree say you live  to with my root .

So the result of this story  our parents like him whenever we want to parents will try to giving him whatever we want , he gave him our necessary things . when we growing up we feel that we can do her own work without taking permission of the parents .  Growing children wants do not  interfere in her work and just leave them whatever they want  to do so the children while growing up give less importance to the parents and live her  own life no matter what the parents told or ask something to please give respect to her parents because they give a birth to you . So help them not feel alone and unhappy we are thankful to our parents they give a birth to them first they think and fulfill our need  first them something else . So its a request to all the children our respect our parents  and whenever got the time meet them  spend time with them so they feel happy .
 So thank you  god to give her such a careful and lovely parents and thank you our parents to give a life.  

November 2017 Blank Calendar 

November 2017 Blank Calendar:  So you think you can wright this blank calendar . Blank calendar   is helpful to remember the things and wright it. We provide dates, day, weeks. and creative other things u want and u think on blank calendar. we provide notes to write u want.

Online Benefits of 2017 November Calendar :

Online Benefits of 2017 November Calendar : Hello guys ,  there are many advantages of an online schedule are magnificent. The most evident advantage is that an online timetable can be gotten to from anything that can associate with the web, which means any PC or advanced cell. This implies it is difficult to overlook or lose, not at all like a physical organizer. An online date-book can likewise be utilized to email or send instant messages as updates. easily search vacations , dates and days up date to date

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